Alexander Pavel

Hello! The is the website of Alexander Pavel! Here is some useful information:


For a sample of my resume, use this link: Alexander Pavel Resume.pdf


Simple Assignment Planner:

This project was created with the intention of learning how to code Android applications. It ended up becoming a very basic assignment planner that uses SQLite databases for data storage and follows some basic material design guidelines. It isn't fully featured at the moment, but it may gain features in time. You can install it on an Android phone using the link below or view the source code here:

Get it on Google Play


This project was created to learn how to use the Dart programming language and the Polymer library to create a website using Web Components. It currently supports generating a random matrix and verifying inputted solutions for Row Echelon matrices as well as Reduced Row Echelon matrices. Due to low support for the Polymer library in Dart and a very large backing of Dart in the Angular2 framework, this project will be moved to Angular2 once Angular2Dart material design components are released. More features will come after this transition is made as well. You can visit the site by clicking the image below or by using this link: Source code is available at

Mass Email System:

This is a project that was designed to be used by my high school robotics team, FRC Team 75, the Roboraiders. It is a CLI program written in Java. It requires 2 config files and supports both the Windows ANSI/CP-1252 and UTF-8 formats. The first config file (emails.txt) contains a recipient's name and their email address seperated by a hyphen on each line. The second config file (message.txt). The first line contains the subject, and the rest of the file is the message body. It can send personalized messages by replacing all instances of "recipient_name" in the message.txt file with the recipient's name from emails.txt before sending the message to that email. The code is available here:

FRC Java API Tutorial:

During the summer of 2014, I migrated FRC Team 75, the Roboraiders's code base from LabView to Java. The tutorial plus the migrated 2014 code and official 2015 code used in the 2015 FRC world Championships is available at: